Jewelry Dropshipping – How To Sell Jewelry On eBay

If you want to sell jewelry on eBay then you will need to understand a few simple concepts. Selling on eBay comes down to two things. The first is that you must have a demand for the product. Second is the need to have a reliable source of that product. This article will help you figure out what jewelry products are in demand on eBay and how to find a good low cost supplier of that product.

The first step to selling on eBay is to find a product that is in high demand. There are many ways to do this but the fastest way is to search eBay pulse. This tool within eBay is free to use and is very valuable. eBay pulse will show you the top 10 searches for a particular category on eBay. So if you want to sell some type of jewelry you must know what type of jewelry is in demand on eBay. At the time of this article the top ten searches for men’s jewelry is:











Once you know what is in demand then you need to find a supplier. You can search the internet for wholesale men’s jewelry but you might get tired of looking at all the results that come back. The other problem is that you don’t know which suppliers to trust. I like to use dropshippers to supply my auctions. Selling items that you actually don’t own makes more since. I don’t want to have to buy a large lot of Versace jewelry and not be sure that I can sell it. I would rather list an item for sale and after I sell the item, I buy it. That is what dropshipping is about. This allows you to test various products on eBay and see what actually sells. If it sells then you order the item via the dropshipper and have it shipped to your customer. If it doesn’t sell then all you have lost is the price of the listing.

Find a product that is in demand and then find a good dropshipper for that product. Happy eBay selling.

Luxury Jewelry Safes – The Perfect Home For Your Valuables

If you rely on hiding places to secure your most valuable possessions, then you should consider a luxury safe for your home. These are not the ugly gray boxes with black plastic dials that often come to mind when picturing a safe. Luxury safes offer a variety of high gloss designer colors to match the decor of a room or closet. The plastic combination locks have been replaced with stylish high tech digital locks that will keep the world out but let you in with ease.

If you’re tired of sifting through boxes of knotted chains and missing earrings, a customized jewelry interior will organize and protect your jewels. Choose from a selection of exotic woods, and plush suede to create The Perfect Home For Your Valuables.

Location, location, location. If the safe is not convenient to access then you will be less likely to use it. The ability to offer custom sizes makes it possible to install the safe anywhere in your home. If space is limited, safes can be built to fit into closets or cabinetry. Since no two people have the same jewelry collection, drawers are specially configured to meet the storage needs of each client. For watch collectors, automatic watch winders can be installed into the drawers.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and convenience of luxury safes, burglary and fire protection are the reasons for purchasing a safe in the first place. Therefore, it is very important to understand the differences between safes in order to choose the one that provides the level of protection you are seeking.

Safes fall into three categories: Fire protection, burglary protection, and a combination of fire and burglary protection. Within these categories are various levels of quality.

The higher quality safes are tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Fire protection safes are the least expensive. They are constructed of fire resistant materials only, and do not provide burglary protection. They are intended to keep the temperature inside the safe below 350 degrees to prevent paper from burning.

Burglary protection safes are constructed of steel and do not provide fire protection. They range from minimal quality hotel style safes to high security UL rated safes.

Burglary/Fire protection safes are the highest quality and provide both burglary and fire protection. This is the most popular type of safe, and this too is available in many quality levels. When investing in a safe of this type it is wise to purchase one that has a UL rating. Many manufacturers do their own in house test, but you can never be sure of its quality unless it is tested by an independent facility like Underwriters Laboratories. UL subjects the safes to a variety of forced entry tests and rates the safes according to how long it takes to break in. This is the same procedure used for testing high security safes in the jewelry and banking industries. A luxury safe should have a UL rating to assure you that you are getting the protection you are paying for.